T.O.Y • The Other Youths is a brand new project supported by Brent 2020 Culture Fund. To The T will be creating a short film and an event that seeks to challenge people’s perceptions and prejudices of young people with a focus on the concept of a victim and perpetrator. It’s intended to evoke more empathy & compassionate understanding towards kids who find themselves involved in street issues which result in violent crime.

The main character will be a male teenager from a BAME community and the film seeks to empathise with his plight and highlight some of the prejudices which he encounters in his life. It will depict what the child’s emotional responses might be to certain scenarios he encounters in his life & what effect these interactions might have on his state of mind and in turn his behaviour.

  • The film will be an experimental dance piece using costumes, Krump dance, sound and spoken word to abstractly tell a story of a young person’s journey into violent crime.
  • The event will be a screening of the film with Q & A, live dance performances, spoken word and talks from people who work directly with young people. Alongside this, there will be an exhibition displaying photographs of the project and also some of the costumes.

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