A list of resources for supporting the anti-racism and black-led artists and organisations in Brent.

Brent 2020 stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and with the recent global protests against anti-Black racism and police brutality. We are committed to opposing racism and prejudice in all its forms wherever it occurs.

The Brent 2020 programme will continue to support Brent's Black communities and use our resources and platforms to amplify their voices.

Below you will find a list of some of the Black-led organisations based in Brent, as well as young people and creative voices from across the borough.

This list is a work in progress, so we will be adding to it periodically. We are commited to making it as comprehensive as possible, so if you have further suggestions please email and we would be delighted to hear from you.

Brent 2020 recognises the vast array of cultures and communities that exist in Brent and the work required to fight anti-racism. Brent 2020 would like to make a commitment for the remainder of our year as London Borough of Culture to support the borough’s diverse communities, and make a pledge to amplify all of the voices in the borough.

(Last update: 19 October 2020)


These resources include organisations in Brent who are led by the Black community or are at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement in Brent.

  • Brent Black Lives Matter: A family-friendly group focussed on bringing about community change.

  • United Borders: A charity working within the community to support at-risk youths.

  • 4Front: A youth organisation empowering young people and communities.

  • Girls I Rate push for change and creates opportunities for young women in the music and entertainment industry.

  • Mindspray: A creative platform established to preserve, celebrate and share cultural narratives.

  • BAME in Property are increasing ethnic diversity in the property and planning sectors.

  • Eat Black Owned: A website to find black owned restaurants.

  • Making the Leap: A charity working to increase access to opps for disadvantaged young people across London.

  • Girls of Grime: A movement dedicated to raising the voices of women in the UK music industry.

  • Young Brent Foundation helping Brent's youth voluntary sector connect, collaborate and succeed.

  • Zest of Mind helping individuals and communities make positive choices, and improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Fly Girls UK promoting activity, creativity and leadership, empowering girls and women to be active, authors, and leaders.

  • Drip Punch: A social enterprise founded by Joshua Hall, a member of the Blueprint Collective.

  • Ultra Education teaches entrepreneurship to the next generation of children and young people.

  • Namron Dance offers dance masterclasses, focusing on providing an insight into contemporary dance frameworks and technique. Founded by Namron Yarrum, who grew up in Willesden, was first ever Black dancer to have been employed in a British dance company, founder member of The Place and London Contemporary Dance Theatre.

  • Freedom & Balance is an art college for the artist in everyone.

  • Authors of the Estate: Chalkhill, co-authored by Brent-born André Anderson and Nathaniel Telemaque, the book aims to give members of the local community an opportunity to share their stories and experiences in a seldom-seen positive light. And was posted to all 1000 households on the St Raphael’s Estate.

  • BBMC (Brent Black Music Co-Op), an establishment that is known as the ‘Home of Reggae Music’. Find out more via the Brent 2020 Reggae Map.

  • Music Congress (BBM/BMC), focused on highlighting British black music and creating forums for improving music industry knowledge and contacts.


The voices of young people are at the heart of Brent 2020, informing and directing the programme for the year. The following resources feature the voices of young people in Brent and their response to Black Lives Matter:

  • VENT Podcasts: A collaboration between VICE and the young people of Brent, the audio project is designed to explore the multitude of issues affecting youth today.

    • VENT Weekly: A pertinent episode is a discussion all four of our hosts had with broadcaster Linda Adey, just after the death of George Floyd as a result of the actions of the Minneapolis Police. You can listen here.

    • VENT Daily: Part of the 'Family' mini series, 2 Brent young adults discuss the life of British Black Panther, Olive Morris, and the importance of archives with LSE graduate and Podcaster Oumou Longly and Archive Volunteer Michael Appouh. You can listen to it here.

    • VENT Covid-19: Right now, our favourite episode is about why some people of colour are being hit the harder by Covid-19 thank white people. You can listen to that episode here.

    • VENT Documentaries: We recommend you start by listening to the episode that investigates how the whiteness of big institutions impacts the education and career paths of people of colour. Listen here.

  • The Agency: A scheme developed in collaboration with Brent 2020 to support young entrepreneurs between 15-25 years old develop ideas for social change in their area.

    • Presenting the Underrepresented is a DIY zine by Brent Fizza Syed; a giving of love to incredible black artists. Fizza’s project works with young people in Wembley to look at issues around consent and healthy relationships through fashion and art.

  • The Blueprint Collective: Celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth, the collective created a specially curated Black Excellence playlist. From James Brown and Dr Maya Angelou, to Kendrick Lamar and Lauryn Hill.

Paterson Joseph with Mehaira Abdelhamid and Kamiah Chae in Brent Locked In


Our programme is about giving the community a voice, hear from some of the Black artists and creatives in the borough and their responses to Black Lives Matter through the Brent 2020 programme and beyond:

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