Volunteers' Week: Richard and Arushka, Brent 2020 Volunteer Team

2 June 2020


During Volunteers’ Week, 1 - 7 June, we’d normally be able to thank all of our volunteers in person. However, because of the current crisis, we’re not able to see everyone so it’s even more important to let volunteers know how much we value them and to say Thank You.

Over the past few months, the Brent 2020 team have been doing everything they can to ensure volunteers can still make a valuable contribution to support local artists and organisations within the creative sector.

Our new Volunteering Team has reached out to the Brent 2020 Culture Fund projects and Artists Network, which has led to lots of new volunteering opportunities, enabling the volunteers to bring their skills, time, expertise and support to help these activities to keep going. During the lockdown period, over 10 new roles have been developed and filled by volunteers.

These difficult times have presented lots of challenges to participate, but our volunteers have really stepped up and responded to our call for help.

In total over 1000 hours volunteering have been donated by over 100 dedicated volunteers from every ward in Brent to the Brent 2020 programme.

Without these volunteers our local organisations would find it much harder to deliver their activities and connect with the community.

We are still recruiting volunteers to help and support the local artists. If you would like to volunteer visit www.brent2020.co.uk/get-involved/volunteer, or contact volunteering@lboc.com

Richard (Volunteering Manager) and Arushka (Volunteer Coordinator)