Volunteers' Week: Nicoletta

2 June 2020

Volunteers' Week: Nicoletta

During Volunteers’ Week, 1 - 7 June, we’d normally be able to thank all of our volunteers in person. However, because of the current crisis, we’re not able to see everyone so it’s even more important to let volunteers know how much we value them and to say Thank You. Without these volunteers our local organisations would find it much harder to deliver their activities and connect with the community.

This week, we're highlighting a handful of those volunteers and sharing their experience of volunteering for Brent 2020.

1. What motivated you to volunteer for Brent 2020?
I live in Brent and love our community! There are always new and exciting events that bring people together. I wanted to be a part in helping it come to life. I believe now more than ever we need to stick together the best we can, so providing virtual events is a great way to make people interact and feel engaged. It brings us closer despite the distance.

2. Describe briefly what role(s) you've had and what you've been doing and how for how long?
I have only recently joined and, so far, I've had the pleasure to work with the Artist Network; providing assistance with virtual events on Zoom.

3. What have you got out of the experience of volunteering? Have you developed any particular skills, used or developed particular experience, tried something new, made new connections, got a new job / changed career etc?
I am learning new skills, as I had'nt worked with virtual events beforehand and I am meeting inspiring individuals along the way.

4. How would you describe your Brent in 3 - 5 words
Vibrant, social and diverse community!

5. Tell us anything else you think is relevant!
It’s great to work with the Brent 2020 team,. Everyone has been very helpful and welcoming. It’s a pleasure to help out the community while gaining skills.