VENT Weekly: Episode 1

8 January 2020

VENT - The first of the must-hear podcast series for 2020 is LIVE.

We live in an increasingly divided world, but young people have more in common today than ever before. That's why Brent 2020 have teamed up with VICE, to launch a year long project.

Each episode of VENT Weekly will see our hosts sit down with a journalist or expert to get to the bottom of a subject they find important. Across the VENT series, our team of young Brent locals will document their perspective across topics like politics and identity, love and dating, crime, culture, the environment and beyond.

The first VENT Weekly current affairs episode went live on Wed 8 Jan 2020. VICE journalist Ruby Lott-Lavigna and Brent 2020 Seen and Heard Ambassador Yusriya Abdullatif discuss young people's access to public space. From 'No Ball Games' signs to music festivals, the episode explores who public space is really for, and who is excluded.

VENT, a collaboration between young people from Brent and VICE, is an audio project designed to explore the multitude of issues affecting youth today.

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