VENT Documentaries: Episode 6

2 June 2020



VENT will share the formative experiences of young people currently living in the borough, sending them across Brent, the capital and beyond. Across four series, young people from Brent bring you documentaries about politics, identity, love, relationships, culture, crime and justice.

VENT, a collaboration between young people from Brent and VICE, is an audio project designed to explore the multitude of issues affecting youth today.

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Amelia grew up in Brent, a really diverse borough in London. Then two years ago, she moved from Brent to Surrey. And she was outnumbered by white people for the first time.

Now - with the help of Nikesh Shukla, Gemma Cairney and others - she's investigating how the whiteness of big institutions like universities impacts the education and career paths of people of colour.