VENT Documentaries: Episode 3

11 May 2020



VENT will share the formative experiences of young people currently living in the borough, sending them across Brent, the capital and beyond. Across four series, young people from Brent bring you documentaries about politics, identity, love, relationships, culture, crime and justice.

VENT, a collaboration between young people from Brent and VICE, is an audio project designed to explore the multitude of issues affecting youth today.

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People always get Santos's name wrong. He introduces himself as Santos, and a few minutes later... they call him Carlos. Now he's on a mission to work out why it happens, and why it bothers him so much. He talks to people who've lost their names and changed their names. He explores how race and class play into whose names get remembered. And he asks whether some names are more neutral than others.