This is the borough of... Seneca

27 October 2019

Meet the Brent 2020 Volunteers

I have been a visitor to Brent for over 30 years and for the last 11, I have worked for Brent Council. I am volunteering for Brent 2020 because this is a great opportunity for me to extend my skills and experience to another aspect of Brent which will promote the borough to non-residents and businesses as well as reinforce current residents' love and pride for their community.

I have seen so many changes throughout the borough over the years. I look forward to helping with the events planned to promote Brent's diverse culture and history to all visitors in 2020.

But what have I seen?

I have seen Wembley's two towers demolished and a beaming great arch rise, guarded by Sir Bobby, while the road remained but still leads to the beautiful game.
I have seen Gwenneth's neighbourhood changed, the view from her window framed by a Temple; the bridge revamped, and across the North C a blue box appeared, while she educated young and old.
I have seen the golden arches close, the flamingo fly away; my friend isn't here while the well-dressed Ms Jubilee now stands to the side, watching the hustle and the bustle.
I have seen the inhabitants of the hall and houses packed up and moved on to greener pastures while Arena holds her own to those towering around her.

What changes have you seen?