This is the borough of... Marianna

7 October 2019


My name is Marianna and I moved to London 12 years ago from my home country, Italy. I arrive in Brent on 17 September 2007 and it’s been my home ever since: from Willesden to Kilburn, from Queen’s Park to West Hampstead, then to Kensal Green and now back in Willesden Green!

Brent, to me, has always felt like home and I have seen it changing as I have changed through my stay here in London. Maybe it’s the smiles of the shop owners as you walk by or the colours that represent its diverse and vibrant inhabitants, but there is something very unique and peculiar that makes Brent feel like home to me.

That’s why I applied to be a Community Advisor, because I am a part of this community and I’d like for others to get to know it and cherish it as much as I do.