This is the borough of... Lauren

18 November 2019


I wouldn't say I'm your average Brent girl - primary school in Hampstead, secondary school outside of London - but then again, who is? There isn't really an archetype of what a person from Brent looks likes or sounds like. All I can is say is I love where I live and where I come from. I am Willesden Green through and through.

My Brent is coloured by a fabulous saturation of diversity, my road is a journey through an abundance of cultures: from the family run sushi restaurant quaint and pretty; to the infamous 'Leliz Charcoal Grill' aka the kebab shop turned "mega-restaurant-empire", where people travel from far and wide from all parts of London just to get their hands on the best kebab in whole of London; to the Polish deli and the halal butchers where you'll only find premium cuts; to the old Irish pub across the road that's managed to stay true to its roots, pulling in all its loyal punters week on end; to Metro textiles the Nigerian fabric shop right on corner with its impressively ever-changing window displays; to 'Big Bite' the old safety neighbourhood 'fish n chips' that'll give you a real taste of English cuisine, to the Turkish barbers that has hoards of people waiting in line. You might even spot a Buddhist monk gracing the streets from True Buddah Temple up to the station.

I mean what's not to love about Brent, about Willesden Green?!

You can never really tell who's going to get off at your stop or where they're headed to: 98 to Kilburn, stop-off at the Kiln or maybe cruise down to Oxford Street; 302 through Neasden up to Kensal Rise; 52 from Willesden Green Library jump off at Portobello Road, go to Notting Hill Carnival; 266 to Brent Cross get a bite to eat on Cricklewood Broadway Market; the 460/260 to Golders Green, stop-off at Daniel's Bagel Shop; the 206 past Willesden Sports Centre, jump off at Roundwood Park in Harlesden and maybe walk to a Caribbean takeaway...

That's the thing I love most about Brent, the roads will take you in many different directions, you'll be sure to meet an array of people, but don't worry we'll receive you with open arms; come as you are, we don't discriminate.