This is the borough of... Hifzah

27 October 2019


I have remained in Brent throughout my entire life. Brent is highly diverse and multicultural; I believe there is a sense of unity within the residents of our communities.

A lot of youngsters from different parts of Brent have come together through the Blueprint Collective. This is not only socially beneficial but is also good for the future, as it gives us an opportunity to have a say in our community. With our input, Brent can become a more socially stable borough.

Remembering that we are all from the same streets can break down cultural and religious divides. In my opinion our community should aim to make a break with patriarchy’s coercive, traditional stereotypes. We should disregard gender and encourage boys and girls to break out of the roles society imposes on them.

Also, as a community, we should aim to help those in need and set an example for other boroughs, for example, by doing our best to help the homeless people that reside in Brent.