This is the borough of... Dhiyandra

31 August 2019


As a British-born Indonesian, I am grateful to have been raised in a community that welcomed my family wholeheartedly. From my early stages of education at Barnfield Primary School (my ten year-old self helped design the mural on Stag Lane that still brings a smile to my face today) until my later teen years at Kingsbury High School, the borough of Brent has created strong foundations from which I grew, and built from.

I believe that art is a way of thinking. Through art, we connect in a deeper and more meaningful way to our environment and our community. To me, no matter what we teach, art is at the forefront. Art is not just the content of our education, but the method by which we learn. My belief in the powerful role of art is rooted in firsthand experience of its ability to inspire and change the course of your life.

Inclusive art programmes encouraged me to recognise the power of my story, my voice, my creativity and my ability beyond traditional STEM subjects. Nearly a decade on, as an Education Coordinator, it is my duty to design workshops, programmes and projects that provide individuals with the creative opportunities that can increase confidence, empathy and communication.

To be part of this project, in my own local borough, will allow me to give back to the community and be part of a movement that will inspire and change future generations.