This is the borough of... Benedicta

6 August 2019


We are going to be the melting pot of culture and creativity, one where you will walk into Brent and see people from all walks of life working together to make the borough an even better and more beautiful place to live and work.

It will be one where young people can say, “I am a creative”, because Brent 2020 will leave behind hubs that allow young people to be creative, and spaces that have an edgy artistic feel that young people can feel proud of. I joined as a Community Advisor because I want to see all of this happen. Every day I see the variety of people in the area and would love to see more done to reflect this in everyday life.

I want to see future generations be part of this, be proud of their area, and to feel welcome. I want to be part of making this happen by bringing to life what people talk about Brent. I want to see Brent’s distinct melting pot identity when I walk into an area. I want to see opportunities and experiences for people living in all parts of Brent.

I want to be part of the different exciting communities that come together to do creative and exciting things.