The Agency: Sancia

21 October 2020

Cycle 1 of The Agency was the creative process of finding my passion; I went through three different project ideas. When I settled with a Podcast, the name of the podcast became my next obstacle. Nevertheless, I went with what I know best, creative but original, I ran with ‘Sancia’s Podcast’. Sancia is my birth name, which means ‘Sacred’ in Latin.

My experience of completing cycle 1 was eventful. I was my own best and worst critiques; I developed a healthy attachment to my project and every grain of rice mattered. The facilitators supported me by asking leading questions, which I used as my guide to complete the first stage. At times, I felt like an imposter… Me? Sancia? Creating this amazing idea, that people actually believe in, encouraged, and supported me to make it a reality.

Midway through our work – pop goes the pandemic! - I was advised to shield; therefore, I had a lot of time to reflect on the project and make everything come together.

As pitch day approached, I felt like an animal in the back of a van, going to the slaughterhouse. I thought the panellists were going to butcher my idea. I planned my excuse to why I would not be able to pitch, but with a lot of praying and persuading, I was confident enough to present.

Up until the moment my name was called, waiting for the result was like grinding my teeth and scratching a fork on metal plate, “and the 3rd project funded is …” the nerves and anticipation of the unknown ran through my mind, will my name be called? I’ve never won anything in my 2+ decades on Earth, this is it, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for “… SANCIA!!” suddenly I froze, my feet have touched the ground. Within me a phoenix had risen, first of many wins. The foundation of my legacy has been created. I jumped, hugged, and screamed “we did it!” in excitement with my peers, some of whom were care leavers.

Sancia’s Podcast will promote social change by changing the narrative and challenge the negative perception of children & young people in the social care system. Sancia’s Podcast will be a platform that encourages, empowers, and enables individuals who have care experience, to have a voice and share their stories in a sacred, safe space. Sancia’s Podcast will expand into a national, global, and worldwide project.

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Inspiring young entrepreneurs have been awarded £2000 each to develop their ideas for social change­ through Kiln Theatre’s The Agency initiative, part of Brent 2020.

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